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We believe that an effective approach to online marketing campaigns is to establish clear goals and then choose the most suitable tactics to meet and exceed those established business goals. Not every tactic fits best for any particular company or vertical. That’s why we take the time to analyze goals, competitors and the overall marketplace so that, data in-hand, we can then suggest which tactics we think will have the most immediate and long-lasting impact for your bottom line.

Content Marketing drives the heart of many online marketing campaigns because it’s the best way to drive traffic from search engine results. It’s also an effective way to create relationships with your target audience that establish authority and trust in your brand. But content marketing is much more than that. It works in concert with the rest of your digital marketing strategy to create opt-in opportunities and allows you to discover PR opportunities you may not have seen previously.

Our System of Content Marketing Campaigns Consists of:

Engaging in a process of getting to know about your business, competitive landscape, competitors and performing keyword research to discover content development opportunities.
Developing the right goals, strategies and timelines which includes a content calendar for your content marketing campaign.
Creating highly creative and engaging articles, videos, blog posts, photos, memes, white papers, infographics, etc.
SEO Optimizing, and distributing the content via social media and other channels to maximize the impact of the content.
Measuring the results and adjusting existing and future content to achieve and exceed the goals of the content marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a series of iterative processes designed to improve the ranking of your website and individual website pages for specifically targeted keywords. Despite what some SEO agencies would have you believe, it’s neither magic, nor mystical. It’s simply a process that is continually refined in response to changing algorithms and market conditions. SEO is not a on-off, it’s a continual process of monitoring and performing necessary adjustments in order to increase search engine visibility.

Our System of Search Engine Optimization consists of:

The Right Textual content – The copy on your website often makes or breaks your SEO efforts. Optimized meta-tags are just the start as we dive deep into things like keyword density and analyze what type of content is ranking highest, along with an analysis of what type of long-tail keywords your website should be ranking for.
 Link Building – Both the number and the quality of links that point to a website give Google and other search engines an idea of how authoritative your website is for any particular keyword or topic. That’s why we recommend that any good SEO strategy includes a link building effort.
Site Reputation – If your website consistently publishes fresh content and gains new links to that content, search engines like Google will rank your site higher than websites with stale content.
 Mobile Optimization – When it comes to SEO, or website development for that matter, we now live in a mobile first world. This means that Google and other search engines now actively penalize both entire website domains and individual pieces of content for not being mobile optimized.
Local PR – If you own a local business, one of the strongest positive ranking signals you can send to search engines is by having other reputable businesses mention and engage with you.


Blogger and PR outreach can be a vital component of any online marketing strategy. While some verticals don’t lend themselves well to this kind of opportunity, most businesses can benefit from being mentioned by an authoratative source in their field. Additionally, local and national news stories about your company can increase brand awareness and lead to a variety of leads and business opportunities.

Our System of Blogger & PR outreach consists of:

 Discovering the Authorities – Finding the most authoritative bloggers and websites in your field might sound easy, but sometimes it’s difficult to identify those with not only the most social cachet, but also the most influence with search engines.
 Building a Relationship – Outreach to bloggers and media outlets is a process. It involves identifying their needs, their likes and their willingness to write about particular topics. It’s a step-by-step technique that creates the right incentives and involves building trust.
Creating A Long-Lasting Asset – If your outreach is successful, we run through a process of ensuring that the relationship turns into a long-lasting asset. This then increases the ROI on your initial investment in an outreach campaign.


Social Media is an ever increasing important aspect of any online marketing campaign. Our strategy encompasses multiple platforms and is focused on customer engagement, customer service, and establishing a voice of authority and approachability for your brand. We do this by creating and distributing highly engaging content that drives traffic back to your website and encourages social shares.

Our System of Social Media Campaigns consists of:

 Ensure a Consistent Brand Image & Voice – If your social media efforts are disjointed and don’t speak with one voice, you may be sending mixed messages to your customers. We make sure this isn’t the case.
Stun them with Visuals – Social media is increasingly more visual. It’s simply the most engaging content, and we make sure your brand creates the type of visual assets that will have your customers and followers saying: Wow!
Provide Value – Social media is a conversation, and that conversation has to provide value, otherwise your audience will tune out.
 Communicate Your Unfair Advantage -There’s something special about every company or their products. Our social media efforts are designed to emphasize that and provide a point of differentiation from your competitors.


Email… it seems so quaint doesn’t it? And yet it’s still by far the most effective way to not only reach your target audiences, but also to convert them. After all, when someone has given you their explicit permission to email them, they’ve already not only indicated an interest in your services or products, but also given you their trust that you will treat their Inbox with respect and relevance.

Our System of Email Marketing consists of:

 Finding & Growing Your Audience – Whether you already have a growing opt-in list or need a kick-start to start growing one, we can help.
 Develop Segmented Lists – We dive deep on data when it comes to your e-mail lists. Segmenting your lists is the best way to not only test your promotional offers, but it also offers a way to hyper-target your customers.
 Creating & Delivering Stunningly Beautiful E-Mail Campaigns – Rocket Focus can help you develop a proper e-mail marketing strategy. This means we can analyze your list to discover how often we should be emailing them and also what kind of content and offers will resonate with your audience. This is all of-course wrapped up in beautifully designed email templates designed to maximize effect and continue brand consistency through this medium.
 A/B Testing -Want to know what kind of offers or content your audience will best respond to? Let us help you discover the power of A/B testing.
Measure the Results -Every email campaign comes with a slew of statistics. We analyze these and make suggestions and adjustments based on the results.


Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising is now a common and necessary part of most online marketing campaigns. This is because the major online platforms such as Google, Facebook, and others have moved on beyond their “growth at any cost” stage and have moved to heavily monetize their primary and 3rd party platforms. This means that it’s harder and harder to gain attention and web traffic without paying to promote your service or products through these platforms.

Our System of PPC Marketing consist of:

 Establishing Goals and a Realistic Budget – Before we begin any PPC campaign, we establish clear goals for each campaign and set a realistic budget to reach as many targeted customers as possible.
Target Audiences Using Sophisticated Tools – Through a process of analysis and research we discover how to best target your potential audience. We then develop an audience profile that allows us to target various websites and authorities using both Google Adwords and Facebook’s Audience Insights tool.
 Retargeting – Many of our most successful PPC campaigns have involved re-targeting. This is a process of setting cookies in your potential customer’s browsers and then serving those same customers PPC ads as they traverse the web. This friendly reminder of your company’s products or services pushes your potential customers further down the sales funnel and results in much higher conversion rates than standard PPC advertising.
 A Continual Process of Refinement -We don’t let PPC campaigns just sit and not perform. At Rocket Focus we target our campaigns for specific outcomes, and if those campaigns are not performing we adjust as quickly as possible.






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