Every business is different. Every market is different. We analyze both, set clear objectives, and then establish an effective digital marketing strategy. We have experience across multiple verticals and have worked to help companies in a wide range of industries.


SEO strategy and optimization, content marketing, link building, blogger & PR outreach, viral campaigns, affiliate programs – yep, we do all that and we’re very good at it. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of constant change happening in online marketing. We work very hard to understand and measure what is working now and which of our prescribed strategies and tactics are suitable to growing your business and giving you a positive ROI on your marketing budget.


We’ve been building and managing beautiful and effective websites for 15 years. Websites for companies both big and small. Websites that have won multiple awards. Websites that stand the test of time. If you need a website built, redesigned or managed, with a small or sizeable budget, we’re here to help.


We’ve built dozens of e-commerce stores from scratch. We built our first online store for a client in 1998. They went on to become the 2nd largest online store in a multi-billion dollar industry.  We know e-commerce. We understand the minutiae of running a retail operation and the details of things like sell-through, inventory tracking, calculating lifetime customer values and most importantly what it takes to gain and retain customers.


In today’s hyper-competitive local markets, businesses that rely on walk-in traffic need to rank highly for local search keywords. Our strategy to get your business ranking the way it should be is to focus on creating value for your customers through your marketing efforts. In a nutshell, when you create value for your customers, Google rewards your business through higher rankings. Find out more about our approach to local marketing.


Our social media strategies span multiple platforms and focus on customer engagement, customer service, establishment of authority in your vertical as well as creating and distributing highly engaging, relevant and entertaining content. At the end of the day, our goal is to drive traffic and awareness to your business through creative campaigns that get results.


Design is more important than ever. It’s what sets the tone for your business. It’s what conveys attention to detail and quality of product or service. Whether you need a simple logo redesign or an entirely new identity, we ensure that your brand look and feel is aligned with your business goals, sets you apart from your competitors and becomes instantly memorable.


Marc Andreessen famously said: “Software is eating the world…”, and while evidence of that phenomenon continues to pile up, we believe the same thing is happening with mobile devices. We design and execute highly effective mobile marketing and digital presence solutions for companies. Whether you need an iOS app, website or integrated bricks-and-mortar presence, we’ll execute the right strategy for you.


Photos and images are by far the most shared type of content in history. Now it’s how major brands are doing the majority of their story-telling. At RocketFocus we place a premium on the importance of creating stunning photos for your service, locations or products. Telling your story in a visually stunning way is yet another way to rise above your competitors.